Real-Time Celebrity Stock Market Investments

Dear Educator, Investor, and Good Human.

My name is Shanda and I built to teach the fundamentals of the stock market in a way (I believe) will make sense to the masses of people that want to invest but don't know how.

The stock market is fully-operational and trading impacts pricing based on the law of supply and demand.

I'm growing the site as fast as I can, however, I'm active duty military and I don't have as much time as I'd like to grow the content. I believe that this presents an opportunity for a class project, thesis topic, or teachers to contribute to the site's growth.

Areas that may interest your classroom or research are:

  • Writing: Let your students write about their favorite celebrity! We'll add their profile to the site.
  • Stock Valuation: Who's worth more Beyoncé or Pink? LeBron James or Tom Brady? Let's discuss industry-based valuations.
  • Marketing and Advertising: How should we get the word out and grow the site?
  • Research: What information about a corporation (here celebrities) make people want to invest? Perform valuations on new stocks.
  • Analytics: How can tools like Google Analytics and A/B testing impact user action.
  • Web Design: The site is currently a modified Bootstrap template with Flex. I'm open to a better design.
  • Investing Content: Getting people to understand how to invest is the heart of the site. If you can map that to investing in celebrities, you've struck gold!
  • Market Tips and Tricks: What to look for, what to avoid. If you can map that to investing in celebrities, you've struck gold!
  • Cyber Security: Penetration testing and secure dev ops will allow the site to scale without hacker interruptions.

You will be acknowledged for whatever you contribute.

If you're interested in assisting, email ShandaHarper at gmail dot com. Oh, and the site is not for sale so please don't ask.