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A native of Benton Harbor, Michigan, VEDO began singing at the age of nine. After a transient childhood, he settled in Atlanta for high school, a period during which he worked at honing his singing and songwriting skills. He first rose to public attention in 2013 on the strength of his performances on the TV singing competition The Voice. After his Top 12 finish, he signed with indie label Platinum Power Moves and recorded his 2015 debut album "93". The song "4 Walls" was its standout streaming hit. Over the next few years VEDO kept up a steady stream of output including 2016's "State of Mind" EP, a 2017 full-length "From Now On", and assorted remixes. He returned with an eponymous album in 2019 that featured the popular streaming track "Let's Get Married." Released a year later, VEDO's fourth album "For You", proved to be a breakout with its dark-hued hit "You Got It" notching hundreds of millions of streams.

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